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We help Businesses and Individuals Deploy Custom-Built Solutions with a Very Human Touch.


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Here, Beautiful Design Meets Bleeding Edge Tech

We especially love working on projects that implement block-chain technology.

All Crypto projects to the front of the queue please!

Dual-theme Flat 18 illustration of the iconic pen-tool used in vector art.

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Projects Close to Our Heart

F18 Pay

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F18 Pay is a light-weight payments processing platform inspired by BTCPay Server.

It's easy to use and requires minimal fuss and very little trust.

Intrigued? Read on...


BTCPay Server

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We've had the enormous privilege to play a small part in the BTCPay Server Project.

BTCPay Server and their software stack are shameless obsessions of ours and some of our wacky designs have featured as the FOSS Project's homepage.


Wallet Scrutiny

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Another project in the bitcoin-sphere is Wallet Scrutiny - a project doing the legwork on wallet-app build verifiability for us all.

Ever wonder if your Open Source bitcoin wallet installed on your mobile is the same as the source-code on github? This project answers that question and sheds light on some scarier truths about some of the most popular bitcoin wallets.

F18 Metrics

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Long before social media data fiascos and GDPR we've encouraged our clients to build more websites without aggressive data harvesting and profiling.

The F18 Metrics project aims to deliver rich online user engagement reports without overreaching and compromising user privacy.

It's implemented just like traditional platforms but never sets cookies.

Bitcoin Convenience Services

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These Convenience Services cover a range of APIs to deliver structured data objects for the most commonly-requested queries.

As always, our no-logging APIs are tailored and offered for free in most cases covering payloads like:

  • Historical global money exchange rates
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum pricing data
  • On-chain and ERC-20 network lookups
  • Block exploration

*Free services are supported by donations

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Michael Hayden Talks .com

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Fancy a bit of Spiritual Enlightenment?
Our mate Michael has given free-reign to test out or new ridiculously-lightweight CMS on his latest project.

This isn't strictly-speaking a content management system but it is a system which builds different types of websites with just a JSON file.

Concept: OQ

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Open Questionnaires - OQ is a smart contract platform for making dynamic questionnaires.
It allows anonymous surveys to be conducted in environments where the nature of the survey may carry social consequences or other liabilities.

Survey results and statistics are self-publishing at the end of the contract and the project uses staking and relays to organise its self-policing, self-delivery structure.

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